9 June 2019

Funny Dev brand was born

Start from a software that help to print styled maps from an input address, we made the first 75$. We are the top team who use Python and Tkinter to make GUI and code some software from that to help people making money online. During this period, we still have many shortcomings in terms of customer care leading to some communication problems. But we have sincerely overcome the consequences and use the most demanding attitude to improve the efficiency of customer care.

28 August 2020

The first office and tax number

We officially register the Funny Dev trademark as Funny Dev Digital Solutions and Software Co., Ltd. Our first headquarters is at No. 38 Trung Vuong Street, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. At this point we started hiring and building a computer software rental system for people who make money online. According to the consolidated financial statements for 2021, we have an average revenue of $ 8500 per month and many other real assets in terms of facilities and computers, domain names, brands, and loyal customers is about 300 people. However, there was a conflict between the CEO then and the founder in running the business and the next direction in the future. Therefore, Funny Dev continues to once again fall into a quiet state after the sublime days..

11 Novemver 2021

The first anti-detect combo in Vietnam

We have now gone public, changed owners, and the founder has regained his title of chief executive officer and full ownership of the business and the Funny Dev brand. Our company name now is Funny Dev Digital Solutions Join-stock Company. At this point we are completely autonomous in terms of permissions, undertakings and economic policies of the company. With the introduction and development of combo Anonymous Machine and Anonymous Browser, we have revenue of about $ 90000 in 2021 and have the first month of selling up to $ 35000.

10 MARCH 2022


We are expanding globally and once again bringing our brand and technology to every industry and sector. You can see the projects we are releasing at Projects: FunnyDev.Email, FunnyDev.CC, Antidetect.VN, Anonymous.Com.VN... But any investment or developments of us are affiliated with the Funny Dev Ecosystem.

From 2023

Funny Dev Ecosystem Grow Up

Funny Dev Ecosystem is officially launched and commercialized. The system includes many online utilities and computer software. We also strengthen the implementation of automation software projects in the field of making money online. In 2023, we will also sign many contracts with Government agencies to serve the digitization of work and digital transformation.

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